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Who are we?

MG Designs is a freelance design agency that truly aims for creativation (creativity + innovation)

At MG Designs we don't just "make" your logo or website and "make stuff look pretty". We specialise in information design - taking the time to look at the information you want to set loose in the world and making sure that it is structured so that your audience (and you) truly understand it. Then we keep in mind what it needs to compete with millions of other brands and companies out there. From all this, we carefully, and with an immense amount of detail, DESIGN what you need. We constantly incorporate Design Thinking into each and every project.

Contact us today and talk to us about your business and marketing requirements. We would love to consult with you on how to realise your strategies and how to add value to your company so you can reach your goals.

Invest in people (like us) who invest in your company.


What can we do for you?

Explaining to someone what we do is quite difficult and also easy: Multi + Media
Meaning everything to do with various types of media. We are Jacks-of-all-Trades and Masters-of-Most ;-)
The following are the things we work on the most. If you don't see what you need, please send us an email and ask.
Chances are we can probably help, or at the very least, know somebody who can.
PS: We don't create apps and custom computer software.

Outsourced professional printing • Deadline-driven project management • Lowest possible printing prices

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Why choose MG Designs?
Integrem Smart City Brochure
Integrem Smart City Brochure
vServices Logo
v.Services Logo
Enterprises UP 2019 - 1
Enterprises UP Annual Overview 2019
Brand, Print
Integrem Website
Integrem Website
Enterprises UP Annual Overview
Brand, Print
Renate & Chris Wedding Stationery
Renate & Chris Wedding Stationery
Print, Wedding


Read for yourself why our clients keep coming back
MG Designs understands their customer's needs. Marinet has gone above and beyond to provide us precisely the best eCommerce Website we envisioned.
Zania & Andrew
E-Liquids Online
Very good service, keep it up! I’ll keep on recommending MG Designs to many more clients.
Thank you for your patience. I know working with us is a bit frustrating at times, but thing will become more streamlined going forward. I just want to thank you for a job well done.
Imaan Badrodien
Centre of Advanced Medicine
Will definitely recommend them to all my clients. Very professional. Fast and accurate advice. Brilliant! Keep it up!
Wim Bezuidenhout
Beligt, BezCon
Love love love your creativity and artistry. A very pleasant experience.
Micha Klopper
GoodX, Taberah Ministries, Brunaly Park


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