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MG Designs is a Multimedia Consulting agency that truly aims for Creativation (Creativity + Innovation)

My main aspiration is helping individuals and companies reach their goals through various marketing methods. This can be via designing striking and impactful graphics, through user-friendly and service specific websites, or anything in-between.

Contact me today and talk to me about your business and marketing requirements. I would love to consult with you on how to realise your strategies and how to add value to your company so you can reach your goals.

Invest in people (like me) who invest in your company.

What you do?

Explaining to someone what I do is quite difficult and also easy: Multi + Media

Meaning everything to do with various types of media. I'm a Jack-of-all-Trades, and Master-of-Most ;-)

The following are the things I work on the most. If you don't see what you need, please send me an email and ask. Chances are I can probably help, or at the very least, know somebody who can.

PS: I don't create apps and custom computer software.

Corporate Identity & Branding Design

  •  Logos
  •  Business cards
  •  Letterheads & other stationery
  •  Brochures & flyers
  •  Marketing products (banners, pens, etc.)
  •  Brand identity manuals
  •  Email signatures
  •  Presentation folders
  •  Responsive emailers / newsletters
  •  Branded clothing


  •  Websites (HTML5 & custom Wordpress themes)
  •  Animations
  •  Presentation templates
  •  Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Other things

  •  Wedding invites & stationery
  •  Birthday invitations
Outsourced professional printing   Deadline-driven project management   Lowest possible printing prices  

They Say

Read for yourself why my clients keep coming back
E-Liquids Online

MG Designs understand their customer's needs. Marinet has gone above and beyond to provide E-Liquids Online precisely the best eCommerce Website they envisioned.

Andrew & Zania

E-Liquids Online

It was a pleasure working with Marinet. She was professional and produced incredible work.

Nicole Mahkudu

Energy in Motion

Love love love your creativity and artistry. A very pleasant experience.

Micha Klopper

Taberah Ministry

Where & When

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