Enterprises UP Annual Overview 2019

Brand, Print

Enterprises UP publish an Annual Overview Report every year for stakeholders to celebrate the company’s yearly accomplishments.

In this year’s brief, the executive committee asked for an “Africa”, “futuristic”, “technology” and “4IR” theme. From this I created the “AfroFuturistic Tree”. The tree’s roots are organic (representing us humans and our physical environment) which then transforms into a technological circuit board (representing technology and the internet). The circuit branches out like a tree and forms the outline of Africa. The whole illustration demonstrates the very close connection between technology and our physical environment in the 4th Industrial Revolution. It also indicates Africa’s growth into the technological sector while staying rooted in its people, traditions and culture.

Programs used: Adobe InDesign & Illustrator

Enterprises UP 2019 - 1
Enterprises UP 2019 - 2
Enterprises UP 2019 - 3
Enterprises UP 2019 - 4
Enterprises UP 2019 - 5
Enterprises UP 2019 - 6
Enterprises UP 2019 - 7
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