GoodX Learning Centre Bookcase

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GoodX Software provides complete medical practice management software to medical practitioners in South Africa.

The GoodX Training Team needed to display all their training material content in an impactful and easy to understand way. They wanted the client to see all the training material categories in one complete image. Together we came up with the analogy of books in a bookcase, where each book is a subject, or area, of training.

By keeping to their clean, white branding and bringing in some new colours that we’ve started using on the other marketing material, I created a “realistic” looking bookcase. I used the new colours to differentiate between the different practice types they cater to (general practitioners, specialists, hospitals, etc.). Then I used different thickness books to indicate different types of books, for example, thick books to indicate manuals and glossaries that have a lot of content. This way your eye can distinguish quickly between different books.

We’ve since revised this bookcase a few times (currently at version 3) to better display the books and to fit in with their improved training material layout. We’ve also recently created a new Courses Bookcase to display the latest webinars and tutorials they are offering to their clients (online and at their training centres).

These bookcases have been printed on A3 and A2 posters (for display in their training centres and offices), as well as A4 covers for their training manuals (easy reference).

Lastly, to increase the ease of finding the different divisions on the online Moodle learning centre, I’ve converted this bookcase into a flat SVG image with each of the books clicking through to the respective page: http://learning.goodx.co.za/

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop, Notepadd++ for the SVG & HTML linking

GoodX LC Bookcase
GoodX Training Bookcase
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