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1 Meet Dr Smith and Dr Naidoo. They are having a quick coffee break in the hospital cafeteria… Dr Smith (caucasian male doctor from MyGrandCentral) and Dr Naidoo (Indian female doctor) are sitting on couches, drinking coffee and talking. They wave quickly to the audience.
1 …when Dr Smith’s phone rings.

It’s Dr Khumalo, an ER doctor, calling to get some urgent information. A patient, John Doe, has collapsed three weeks after his operation and Dr Khumalo urgently needs his clinical information.

Dr Smith receives a telephone call from a black doctor (Dr Khumalo). 

(Phone very old brick kind)

Show bubble with Dr Khumalo’s face talking. (creative freedom – meaning this is the basic idea, but please change to what you think will look best)

2 Dr Smith immediately calls his secretary to try and quickly retrieve this urgent information, but… oh dear…

Mrs Jones has a very old… computer. The “system” is very slow and keeps showing obscure errors. 

When she finally locates the patient, the information is incomplete. 

Dr Smith looks alarmed, calls his secretary. Mrs Jones is a very old white lady (grey/white hair, lots of wrinkles, thick glasses with neck chain, her hands shake a little bit from age). She sits in front of an ancient DOS computer. (Next to the computer is a small dinosaur statuette or toy)

Mrs Jones has an old telephone (with wire attached to earpiece) in her one hand and she is squinting at the computer screen. She’s typing very slowly with one finger of the other hand not holding the phone. The screen shows an old DOS hourglass loading icon, then shows red errors.

Mrs Jones looks confused.

Dr Smith covers his eyes with his hand from frustration.

Mrs Jones finally finds the patient name but the notes field are empty.

Dr Smith looks defeated and worried.

3 But wait! Dr Naidoo realises that this was an operation she and Dr Smith did together. 

She quickly recalls her operation history in GoodXWeb on her tablet.

Dr Naidoo is able to provide clinical notes and treatment details directly from her tablet for Dr Smith. 

Dr Naidoo gets an idea (lightbulb moment).

She takes out her tablet and opens GoodXWeb (show logo)  

Dr Smith looks impressed/happy.

4 Dr Smith is very impressed and asks what other cool stuff GoodXWeb can do. Dr Naidoo shows him her day’s theatre schedule.

Her next booked operation shows that the patient’s medical aid…

… will pay the entire amount from a virtual quote.

Dr Naidoo shows Dr Smith her day’s theatre schedule on the tablet.

The dairy screen shows the selected booking with the patient image, the account is valid and the quote claim amount is accepted. 

She smiles, winks and shows a thumbs-up (all at the same time).

5 Dr Naidoo tells Dr Smith that her finances have improved with the handy GoodXWeb features and easy reports.

What’s more, the system automatically reconciles her live bank account balance with her accounting entries. 

This makes it easy to see her yearly turnover in a clear graph, 

as well as any outstanding amounts, 

and, more importantly, ensures her financial books accurately reflects her bank account balance – all in one simple statement sheet.

Dr Naidoo shows tablet screen to Dr Smith.

Show tablet screen with: GoodXWeb turnover report

Show tablet screen with: a list of bank payments being sucked (pulled / copied?) in from the bank with green check marks appearing next to them after they’ve been matched.

Show tablet screen with: yearly turnover graph

Show tablet screen with: a portion of the turnover in red (outstanding payments)

Show tablet screen with: bank account screen next to income report. Each entry on both sides are “connected” (same background color or something) with check marks (in the middle of the linked entries to show they match).

6 Thinking back, Dr Naidoo remembers how she used to struggle financially.

After she moved to GoodXWeb, the system found startling accounting irregularities. It turned out that her financial administrator was secretly embezzling from her. 

Now that Dr Naidoo can see her bank account being reconciled with the financial books, she can have greater peace of mind.

Dr Naidoo thinks back – think bubble to past. She looks stressed, face in her hands/hair, looking at her computer screen with finances in the minus (in red).

Shows tablet screen with: GoodXWeb logo and warning alerts (!).

(Creative freedom – not sure how we could subtly but clearly depict the administrator stealing money…?)

Shows tablet screen similar to previous scene (5):

Bank account screen next to income report. Each entry on both sides are “connected” (same background color, or link icon connecting them, or something?) with check marks in the middle of the linked entries to show they match.

7 Dr Naidoo tells Dr Smith that if he used GoodXWeb, he would not only be able to import patients from MyGrandCentral, 

but that he would also get theatre bookings pushed directly from her list as she opens the patient cases. 

This means that he does not have to input the data himself, thereby sharing the admin load between them. 

And even better, this syncing of bookings and data integrates into select hospital systems.

Show one diary on a tablet, with “Dr Smith” at the top. “Patient files” importing (moving) from MyGrandCentral to GoodXWeb. (animation similar to file sharing from MyGrandCentral and EffortlessER)

Show additional tablet screen, both tablets shows the diary. Left diary screen shows Dr Naidoo at the top and the other shows Dr Smith. 

Upon making a booking in Dr Naidoo’s diary and choosing Dr Smith as the assistant, it appears a second later in Dr Smith’s diary. (theatre bookings “synced”)

Shows both their data now syncing with the hospital’s. 

8 This is the first time Dr Smith has heard about MyGrandCentral.

Dr Naidoo explains that 

MyGrandCentral has made patient administration a simple 3-click-process that allows her to follow up with patients, do video calls with them directly from GoodXWeb 

and even receive payments directly from the patients without the need of a card machine. 

She can send sick notes, scripts and reports to the patient electronically with no extra hassle.

Dr Smith looks a bit confused and asks Dr Naidoo about MyGrandCentral.

Use some of the MyGrandCentral animation here.

Show tablet screen with: video call with patient from GoodXWeb screen.

(Kobus: where on the screen will it show MyGrandCentral and where will it show GoodXWeb?)

Show payment receive animation (as in MGC animation)

Show send sick notes, scripts etc. (as in MGC animation)

9 Because of MyGrandCentral, Dr Naidoo is less worried about the PoPI Act because patient consent is now easy, electronic and specific. 

Schemes requiring more proactive patient management is simply managed with reports pulled out off your clinical notes.

Show “certificate” type of paper with PoPI Act as heading, and a badge of compliance or something similar (check mark). Have the MyGrandCentral logo also on this paper.

(Please keep the spelling and capitalisation exactly the same with PoPI Act)

(Creative freedom – please read description below from Kobus and just have a generic continuation of animation)

What this means is that schemes want doctors to not just treat problems but manage disease. So if your blood pressure or blood sugar is high in a checkup the scheme want the doctor to pull reports on the clinical notes and send an invitation SMS to the patient saying they should come back to a diabetes clinic or a weight loss day or checkup or whatever.

10 <Need more narrator text? Or sound of clock ticking?>

After their surgery, Dr Smith has to 

complete paper forms for the bureau that does his collection for him. 

Because of this unnecessary paperwork, he is now running late for his next appointment.

They go into the operating room and after some time (clock passes above the door) they come out again.

Dr Smith writes on a piece of paper, sticks a barcode on it and then puts it in a 

folder (“TO BE BILLED” label on), which he puts in his briefcase (so full it almost bursts).

As he hurries to his next appointment (while checking his watch), papers are falling out of the briefcase and flying around the place.

11 But Dr Naidoo, on the other hand, has it all under control. She simply checks the booking’s invoice on GoodXWeb to see the payment status.

The invoices that are unpaid are followed up by one of the many bureaus she chose.

Dr Naidoo takes out her tablet, clicks on the booking, clicks on the invoice and clicks on post. The screen shows that the medical aid has approved payment. 


(Creative freedom – please improvise as you see would work best)

12 If you’d rather want to be a paper pusher, debt collector, auditor, filling clerk ánd a general administrator than an actual doctor, stick to your current process.

Or you can let GoodXWeb help you focus on what’s really important, which is your patients of course, instead of your admin!

(Creative freedom – not sure what animation would be the nicest here. Please note that it will be repeated in all the GoodXWeb animations at the end)


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