Renate & Chris Wedding Stationery

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Renate & Chris wanted printed invitations for important guests (like family and the elderly), together with easy-to-send digital versions of the invite. Two different digital versions were made: one for sending via WhatsApp, and one for sending via email.

The idea with the email version was to have an animated invitation. So for people who lived too far to get a real invitation, an electronic version of the envelope opening and invite unfolding was made. This animated invitation was then compiled into a GIF format to be embedded (or attached) to an email and to have as small a size as possible.

Paper Invitation:

  • Procurement of paper from Papersmith & Son and management of printing
  • Design and procurement of wax stamp, as well as the creation of handmade individual, stamped wax discs
  • Assembly of 22 paper invitations
  1. Name tag paper: 285gsm Stardream Opal
  2. Invite paper: 300gsm Wild White
  3. Envelope paper: 120gsm Stardream Kunzite (Papersmith & Son)
  4. Strip outer paper: 120gsm Stardream Lapislazuli
  5. Strip inner paper: 90gsm Getaway Natural Tracing
  6. Wax seal: Rose Gold Wax from JaxWax

Digital Invitations:

  • One design for sending via WhatsApp
  • One design in an animated GIF format for sending via email

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator (print & WhatsApp), Adobe Photoshop (animated GIF)

Renate & Chris Wedding Stationery