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Storyboard / Animation

Welcome to the age of the “internet of things” where all electronic devices are interconnected and able to communicate with each other independently via the Internet.


Introduce Steve and zoom out to show him on globe with lots of “connections” going on around him (Smart TV, wearable, server, tracking device, fridge, home, …).

Steve is wearing a smartwatch.

Isn’t it about time we started thinking about this explosion of information and how this affects your life and business? The age of the machine is finally upon us!

Zoom in on a microchip, zoom out to show it’s imbedded in the watch. Watch sends signals to a server, that sends signals to a fridge…

Globe alive with signals and machines talking to each other.

[Huge amount of data and scale display]

Did you know?

M2M (or machine-to-machine) connections will grow from 5 billion in 2014 to 27 billion in 2024. That’s more than 5 times in 10 years’ time!

Animated Statistics – chart that shows growth in number and years.

The M2M revenue will grow from $500 billion in 2014 to $1.6 trillion in 2024.

Animated Statistics – chart that shows growth in number and years.

As an example, the “connected car” sector will grow from low base to 1.1 billion in 2024. Put that into perspective, we’re just 7 years away from these numbers.

Animated Statistics – chart that shows growth in number and years.

Steve shows how far we are away from 2024 on the chart.

In order to take advantage of this massive opportunity, let’s talk about the multitude of challenges.

Let’s get real.

Globe gets crowded with lots of signals, crowding out Steve.

Steve starts thinking – bubble with gears.

Spanner falls into gears and breaks them. Steve falls to his knees holding his head.

How do you secure and protect your devices and information?

Steve moves out of shot.

Device to Device signals gets 3 locks and turns into gibberish (“encrypted”) with question marks above locks

How do you scale your connectivity and logistics across complex telco infrastructures?

Connectivity and Logistics icon (connect + spanner/gears) hover over telco satellite dish. Zoom out while more telco dishes pop up and Icon moves above each new one.

How do you maintain control of your devices and manage your information?

Hand with pointed finger touch different devices. When device is touched it sends info to another device.

And lastly, how do you take advantage of converging technologies to create unique value for your customers?

Idea bubbles with “#1” and “#2” in it comes together, merges and drops down as [diamond / bag of money / treasure chest]

Challenges like these make it difficult to actually focus on your business goals and as well as take advantage of converging technologies to create unique value for your customers?

Wall of challenges between Steve and bag of money – Steve raging at the wall/challenges.

Steve scratches head with question mark above head. Steve gets idea!

Well, that’s why we are here. v.Services can help you solve ALL these challenges.


Steve jumps into box (with v.Services logo on) and emerges without glasses but with a cape on! On his chest is the v.Services symbol.

By connecting Information Consumers, Advertisers, Manufacturers and Application Providers you can build an ecosystem that creates value for your customers.

v.S-Man flies in and a linking beam goes out from him to all the stakeholders (Orange Manufacturer, Green Application Provider and Red Information Consumer) and then one white beam from him to Dave (Yellow Consumer).

This value is created by providing the technology enablement stack and interactive management services that will allow you to build converged products and services. This enables you to better understand, interact and engage with all eco-system players.

Zoom in on the beam to Dave and list as separate branches:

  • Technology Enablement Stack (stack icon)

  • Interactive Management Services (manage/gear icon)

  • Big Data & Analytics (data & search glass icon)

Just imagine the infinite possibilities!

Everybody cheers and v.S-Man waves and flies away.

So ask yourself this: how can you as a stakeholder in your own ecosystems create more value for your consumers, and at the same time get better connected with the other stakeholders?

To be continued…

Steve comes back in, adjust glasses.

Zoom in on Steve’s face. Steve winks.

Screen blacks out with words in white: “To be continued…”

v.Services & Conor logo shows on dark blue background

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