v.Services Overview 2 Storyboard

Animation, Storyboard


Narration / Script Storyboard / Animation
Building digital products and services can be a frustrating process.  Steve (stick-man?) trying to build a “bridge” (representing products/services) with various “building blocks” (components) lying on the ground. He is trying to reach the client (Dave?), who is on the other side of a river. 

Steve looks frustrated.

Note: building blocks can look something like tetris or lego blocks that forms a bridge.

Once you have decided on your product strategy and business plan, you need to build your infrastructure and integrate your business systems with complex mobile network technology.  Steve draws a blueprint of a bridge (nice sturdy bridge) and then starts hammering on different coloured blocks (any tertiary colours) and try to fit them together, but they don’t fit. Steve looks frustrated.
After you eventually launch your products and services, you have the challenge of managing a complex ecosystem with many moving parts.  Steve tries to step onto rickety/flimsy/wobbly/swinging bridge that keeps falling apart and the river water washes the parts away. Steve looks frustrated.
Despite your best efforts, there is often a big gap between your expectations and the results you achieve in the market. Steve starts running across the bridge to get to the other side, but it wobbles and then falls apart and Steve falls in the river. Steve looks very angry.
Enter v.Services, the Application Enablement Platform that allows you to easily build innovative software solutions and services to realise your business ideas, connecting you and your customers. Show v.Services logo

Steve looks extremely happy when he sees the v.Services blueprint (very fancy and well built bridge)

v.Services consists of 5 main components: Show the v.Services Platform (4 sections of the bridge, like image has 3 sections/pillars, if possible) and highlight each individual section as it is named.
Connectivity simplifies and speeds up system and mobile network integration. Show Connectivity section with the icon animating (or something similar supports the script?)
Control allows you to control and co-ordinate the flow of data. Show Control section with the icon animating (or something similar supports the script?)
Interaction lets you implement business processes and orchestrate interactions. Show Interaction section with the icon animating (or something similar supports the script?)
Insight uses Big Data technology to transform, analyse and visualise your data. Show Insight section with the icon animating (or something similar supports the script?)
Lastly, Cloud provides a full stack, network integrated platform which you can extend and enhance to build your own unique products and services.  Steve pulls out a tablet and on the screen a cloud image/icon appears. Steve taps the cloud different types of really nice bridges (just one or two) display on the screen (he swipes to display new bridge). Steve then taps the bridge design on the tablet.

A cloud comes floating by above Steve and drops the bridge he chose in front of him (covering/deleting the previous bridge).

Steve looks very happy.

(Note: this scene can flow into the following one with the voice if it’s too much animation and not enough voice script)

v.Services simplifies technology and connectivity integration and enables you to connect with your customers. Steve walks over the bridge to the middle. Dave also walks from the other side over the bridge to the middle. They shake hands and cheer/look very happy.


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